Kims Home


Well what about me?  Have you ever heard anyone make that statment?They want to be noticed, attended to and to be considered.

I think we have all felt that way at times. Then some well meaning friend comes along and lets us know that its not all about us. But sometimes it is. And I guess for now it is about me. My name is Kimberly Sue Bowen. Used to be Lynch , and for a while I had another last name which I wont mention to protect the innocent.

I was born to Bob and Dora  Lynch into a hard working family in Laurel Ohio in 1960. For the most part my life has been , obscure, odd and full of a lot of mis-haps!! If you want to know more you can read the blog daily as I unfold the revelation of who I am. Not much really, but I've decided I have some things I want to say. So weather anyone cares to read I am going to share my thoughts and words anyway .

But In my life I have learned a few things and one of them is It really is not about me. It is about us. Us, as the people of this world and out of this world. It is about this world and everything else not in this world. The Universe's,  The Light, The Dark and The Past, Present, Future. About things we see and don't see and most of all,  the We on the inside of all our Me's.  Have a Wonderful LIFE.